Brando is an artist and the owner of Stay True Tattoo. Born in Chicago, Illinois in 1981, he began a lifelong love with art in all forms. Going on after High School to study studio art on a scholarship at the prestigious Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. Brando has been tattooing 10 years. Bringing some of the most recognizable and highest quality custom tattooing to Phoenix. Brando is an internationally known, award winning artist who has been featured on the covers and in dozens of tattoo magazines over the span of his career.

Recently Brando has started tattooing in Las Vegas, at Starlight Tattoo. Although regular extended trips to Phoenix are made to still tattoo many of his regular clients and to continue to grow his Arizona based clientele.

Brando proudly tattoos exclusively custom and freehand pieces, and helps his clients to achieve the highest level of artwork in a custom tattoo. Specializing in color portrait and realism, Brando has carved out a corner in the tattoo industry, becoming extremely well known for his horror portraits and dark imagery. Brando’s work is instantly recognizable for its rich layered earth tones, bright complimentary colors and fluid movement. Also taking the time to truly make a piece flow on the body, Brando works extensively with background movement. Thus achieving a style reminiscent of the oil paintings he has studied throughout life. A client of Brando’s once coined his style as “Beautiful Horror” and it’s hard to sum it up better than that.

Often booked out months in advance, Brando travels to conventions regularly. Allowing collectors all over the country to get tattooed in their home states. Stay posted for dates in the “news” section! You can check out more of Brando’s paintings and tattoos on his personal website at Thank you for taking the time to check us out!